Hello, my name is Goniur Rez Ahmed, but just call me Rez.

Who am I?

I’m a designer with over 12 years of experience. I combine knowledge with intuition to create meaningful visual stories and concepts. In the world full of visual chaos it is important to create communication that is both effective and sophisticated. I believe that an honest conversation and well conducted research are essential for the successful design process.


Resourceful 100%
Color Theory / Typography 100%
Time Management 100%

My Background

I was born in Bangladesh, and at the age of two, I came to America with my parents in 1988 where we settled in New York City. Soon after I began to utilize my artistic abilities as I began to learn and discover more in school. In September of 2000, I started my pursuit of a career in the design world by attending the High School of Art & Design. It was here where I fine tuned my abilities and began to explore fields beyond architecture, which was the initial area of study I focused on. As I matured and became more knowledgeable at Art & Design, I left with a background in Architecture, Graphic Design and Fashion Design.

I obtained an internship at Herbert L. Mandel P.C., where I continued to heighten my skills as a drafter and potential architect. It was here I realized that although I was very good at architecture, it wasn’t quite the field I wanted to be in my entire life. This was when I was introduced to the world of custom clothing design by Ishmael Adams (one of my closest and dearest friends). What started out as a hobby and a way to be unique in the way I dressed soon became a lucrative business. Moreover, I found myself creating custom t-shirts and hoodies for friends, which then lead to clients and customers all over.

Through this freelance custom designing I found myself doing and taking orders from 109th Street and 3rd Ave at a store called Pegasus. It was here where my client list grew tremendously. People were no longer only coming for New Era fitted caps, which is what Pegasus was known for; they were coming for custom clothing as well. This soon led to my first real break into the clothing industry. I found myself in the city one day in Soho, where I met James Nobles while I was purchasing some sneakers. We began to talk and one way or another it lead to me showing him some pictures of my custom clothing designs I did in the past. He in turn told me that he worked for two brands Stall & Dean and Rucker, and that I should come in for an interview. I did just that and James took me under his wing and took my talent to a new level.

After work with the Rucker and Stall & Dean brands for over three and a half years, I found myself doing a lot of freelance work. While doing this period of strictly freelance work I dabbled in creating a lot of different things such as business cards, logos, and other designs for companies. Fast forward a bit more and we come to my time being employed by the Moret Group since July 2013.  At the Moret Group I was the Senior Digital Graphic Designer in their E-Commerce division.  As the primary designer in this division I handled and managed all graphic and web needs specifically for the Danskin and 2(X)ist brands.

Present day I find myself freelancing for several brands as I look for my ideal role. Likewise I am pursuing my passions in mens fashion and art.  Feel free to see my journey on that side on my blog StitchesofRez.com.

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