First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my site . I created this site so that fellow designers as well as anyone with interest of my work can see what I have worked on over the years. I have dabbled in various genres and fields, and due to this I have become the person I am today. I hope that you enjoy viewing my work and I hope you gain some inspiration or some sort of knowledge that you did not have before visiting my site. Feel free to contact me, leave comments or touch base so that we can arrange freelance or work opportunities.


_MG_565718Born in Bangladesh, at the age of two, I came to America with my parents in 1988. Soon after I began to utilize my artistic abilities as I began to learn and discover more in school. In September of 2000, I started my pursuit of a career in the design world by attending the High School of Art & Design. It was here where I fine tuned my abilities and began to explore fields beyond architecture, which was the initial area of study I focused on. As I matured and became more knowledgeable at Art & Design, I left with a background in Architecture, Graphic Design and Fashion Design.

I obtained an internship at Herbert L. Mandel P.C., where I continued to heighten my skills as a drafter and potential architect. It was here I realized that although I was very good at architecture, it wasn’t quite the field I wanted to be in my entire life. This was when I was introduced to the world of custom clothing design by Ishmael Adams (one of my closest and dearest friends). What started out as a hobby and a way to be unique in the way I dressed soon became a lucrative business. Moreover, I found myself creating custom t-shirts and hoodies for friends, which then lead to clients and customers all over.

Through this freelance custom designing I found myself doing and taking orders from 109th Street and 3rd Ave at a store called Pegasus. It was here where my client list grew tremendously. People were no longer only coming for New Era fitted caps, which is what Pegasus was known for; they were coming for custom clothing as well. This soon led to my first real break into the clothing industry. I found myself in the city one day in Soho, where I met James Nobles while I was purchasing some sneakers. We began to talk and one way or another it lead to me showing him some pictures of my custom clothing designs I did in the past. He in turn told me that he worked for two brands Stall & Dean and Rucker, and that I should come in for an interview. I did just that and James took me under his wing and took my talent to a new level.

After work with the Rucker and Stall & Dean brands for over three and a half years, I found myself doing a lot of freelance work. While doing this period of strictly freelance work I dabbled in creating a lot of different things such as business cards, logos, and other designs for companies. Fast forward a bit more and we come to present day in which I am employed by the Moret Group since July 2013.  At the Moret Group I am the Digital Graphic designer in their E-Commerce division.  As the primary and only designer in this division I handle and manage all graphic and web needs for the Danskin and 2(X)ist brands; not to mention aid in the graphic needs of several other brands the Moret Group owns or licenses from time to time.

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