Stitched With Style…

In life we are faced with many decisions; in making these decisions (when it comes to me at least) I always think of the saying “never do anything if your heart isn’t in it”.  With that in mind I decided to pursue on of my passions utilizing my artistic skills and love for fashion in May of 2014.  It […]

A Thousand Words

Photography is a hobby for a lot of us these days, however those who do it professionally really set themselves apart from the rest of the pack.  I tackle many roles, Photographer is not one, so I feel fortunate to be able to work with a very talent Photographer on a regular basis.  I collaborate […]

Spread Love

February 14, another year, another Valentines Day.  That being said thought I spread love the only way I feel blessed to do so by, and thats through my designs.  Heres a little graphic for all you wonderful people, hope everyone enjoys your day (no matter how you feel above Valentines Day).

7 Days of Style

Over the past few years I have become quite fond of doing characters utilizing minimalist techniques but adding my own subtle hints of detail.  Recently I decided to do a project depicting myself in what could be imagined as a regular week for me.  My dedication to style throughout the week is not really foreign to those of […]

Pinned Up For Style

As one of my many ventures comes to fruition, I recently designed a one inch pin to promote my “Stitches of Style” website.  As the site continues to get built and developed properly, this pin is intended to be a gift to our already loyal followers and supporters.  Get yours if you havent already! Remember […]

Wedding Bells

Early last year (2012) one of my friends reached out to me to design her wedding invitation.  As you could imagine I was delighted to do so, however it wasn’t your typical wedding invite.  She intended to send out a CD to all her and her now husbands guests.  That being the task at hand […]

Holiday Greetings

As I continue to work with the guys at Wade Maxx Art Gallery & Framing (a custom framing shop), I recently did this holiday card that was sent out this past year to their very loyal customers.  Pretty simple in nature, I only utilized a snow flake and a minimalist frame around the text and imagery […]

Puppet Show

As project for class we were assigned to take a theatrical event and create a poster for it along with program for the event.  I choose to do mine on a puppet show by Puppetworks Inc., which they did a rendition of “Puss In Boots” the orignal French fairytale (not to be confused with the popular DreamWorks Animation […]